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About ten years ago, I was introduced to the concept of therapeutic harp music and harp therapy.  I bought a lever harp, practiced playing the harp, participated in many harp therapy courses, and read many books on the subject of using music to produce relaxation for the mind and body.  I played a harp for people, at the bedside in various medical settings.  I recorded my renditions of what therapeutic harp music meant to me.  My music had a slow tempo and lots of harmony.   I called this music  “Harmonyharp” and registered the word  “Harmonyharp” as my trademark in 2014.  I created the name by combining the words harmony and harp, which represent the harmonic notes created by my harp.  Harp music has a relaxing effect on me; however, I recognize that harp music cannot cure or heal a serious medical condition.

I personally use Harmonyharp®️music for relaxation and meditation, when I wake up in the morning, when I have anxiety during the day,  to help me to fall asleep at night, or if I wake up during the night.  I listen to Harmonyharp®️ music while tapping (EFT), listening to my breathing, and verbally giving thanks for my blessings —to quote an old hymn written by Johnson Oatman,  Jr. (1856-1926)— “count your blessings and name them one by one”.

My favorite Harmonyharp®️ recording is called “Positive Mental Chatter”,  which contains harp music and positive affirmations.  Sometimes I repeat this recording continuously at night to help me to go back to sleep, when I awaken during the night.  Each night is different and the results are different but always positive.

I invite anyone with negative mental chatter cluttering their minds, to administer self-love to their mind and body by relaxing and meditating with Harmonyharp®️ therapeutic harp music in the background.  All of  my recordings of Harmonyharp®️ therapeutic harp music are available on iTunes and other global digital music and streaming sites by clicking on the image below.